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Article: What Are the Top 9 Colors in Style for This Summer?

What Are the Top 9 Colors in Style for This Summer?

As the summer season reaches its peak, the excessive heat also escalates, unfortunately.

While dressing up in fewer layers is a wise choice, it’s also crucial to put on colors that are suitable for the summer season.

Try to integrate colors that feel good and make you look cool, too.

Hence, it’s time to bail on mundane colors and channel your style into clothing with the breathtaking shades and tints of summer-friendly hues or colors.

Want to know what colors to pick??

Here is a quick guide for you to opt for the perfect shades and be the connoisseur of your summer style.

Elevate Your Clothing Style with the Lively Lava Falls

Being one of the most compelling colors on the spectrum, Red provides you the flexibility to grab people’s ATTENTION in no time.

Lava Falls comes under the umbrella of Red color, it’s a burning bright red color with brown undertones that oozes boldness and courage.

The best outfit that you can find in this color would be a classy one-piece.

Red hues can instantly uplift your confidence, in case you’re wondering which color to put on to make a statement.             

Here are a few outfits in lava falls that you can opt for on different occasions to achieve a summer-friendly and glamorous look.  

Classic Lava Falls one piece with round neckline and puff-sleeve!


Lava Falls Kurti with contrast embroidery.


Lava Falls suit with golden work embroidery all over it; apt for any wedding function or a sangeet night!

Bloom Up Your Style Statement with a Classy Beach Glass Kurti

Sleeveless Dress in Beach Glass color

What color you wear can also make an impact on the aura you give off.

Dressing up in an enticing and alluring outfit is A MUST to keep your fashion sense intact.

Even the simplest outfit in this color can give you an outstanding look.

You can simply incorporate a classy Kurti in beach glass color (it’s a watery aqua color) to accentuate the look whilst keeping it minimal.

This combination of blue and green is a right fit to nail any function happening in this season.

If you’re about to hit the BEACH real soon, then being a beachy color, Beach Glass is the perfect fit for you!

Not just a dress or a top, even traditional and ethnic wear in this color can make a wow outfit.

Play with sleeves and go for tassel sleeves or puff sleeves.


Prettify Your Elegance with Purple Rose

Purple Rose Sweater

To not absorb excessive heat, soft pastel colors are a great pick to survive the summer heat.

Purple Rose (smooth and subtle shade of lilac) is an excellent option to showcase your creative self and elegance.

With the serenity of blue and passion of red, purple is a top-notch color choice for a mysterious and royal look.

Since a purple outfit can be a little overpowering for a summertime look, the best alternative to look royal is hands down, Purple Rose.

This color, no doubt, is one of the most STYLISH COLORS OF THE YEAR.

If you’re thinking of choosing a single color from this list, then choose this one as it’s a highly flexible color that can complement all skin tones.     


Escape into the Joy of Summer with Blue Atoll

Blue Atoll Suit Set

Not all blues are supposed to make you sad, right??

This flashy shade of blue is actually more uplifting than other light colors.

If you prefer soothing and peaceful vibes, then you’d love to layer this color on loop for this summer season.

Blue Atoll in itself exerts quite a STYLISH AURA so much so that it becomes easier to style any piece of this particular color.

Being a tropical island color, it’s one of the most soothing and refreshing colors, and certainly a wise choice for the summer season.

Pondering upon which color to wear on a hot & steamy day??

Hope you got your answer.

Not just the western attires, but ethnic wear will also look good in this particular hue.

Try out a blue atoll kurta/kurta with white embroidery all over it or a plain blue atoll kurta with white bottom wear.


Lift Your Spirit with Illuminating Yellow

Dress in Illuminating Color

Did the initial glance of the word “Illuminating” remind you of cheerful weather or joy and happiness?

That’s because Illuminating is one of the happiest colors on the spectrum, which can instantly lift your mood!

The inherent quality of popping up from a distance makes this color the best choice for you to STAND OUT from the crowd.

Bottom-wear(s) in this color is best to help you attain a chic look, you can pair up your illuminating pant or palazzo with a cute black tank top to flaunt your style.

It is a perfect time to put on illuminating yellow as it’s one of the two COLORS OF 2021.

Since Illuminating also facilitates faster memory retention, it’s a great color to pull off in order to make an everlasting impression in this season.


Enhance Your Peachy Charm with Pirouette

Pirouette Dress with funky floral print

The next fashionable summer-friendly color is Pirouette, it’s a petal-soft pink color that exhibits tenderness and accelerates your feminine energy.

This soft and creamy shade of pink is the right suit to flaunt your inner diva as it’s one of the most wanted color trends when it comes to summer-friendly colors.

If you are looking for a trendy and chic look, then opting for Pirouette is always a NO-BRAINER.

Put on a Pirouette color outfit this summer to nail the most-trendy looks.

Here are some fascinating clothing styles that you can opt-in order to attain a pretty and feminine look.

You can also try a cute little pink dress with remarkable floral prints on it.


Attain a Calm and Composed Look with Cerulean Blue

Cerulean Blue Long Shrug

Cerulean Blue is the color of the crystal-clear sky on a serene day; you can easily identify it as a medium shade of turquoise with a touch of green.

This color suggests airiness and a message of relaxation.

Therefore, it’s highly suitable to pull off a refreshing look.

Vivid and attractive shades of this color are best to wear on a lunch date/outing. It gives off exhilarating and cheerful feels.

On a burning summer day, Cerulean Blue will provide you an uplifting and peaceful sense of calm.

Like spring growth, it makes you feel renewed.

If you’re thinking of which color to pair up with Cerulean Blue then just know that it goes well with earthy colors and provides the best look with an apple green color duo.


Go Gracefully with White

White Flowy Dress

When it comes to grace and purity, there’s no better color to put on than white itself.

To achieve a poised and neat look, try combining white with softer beiges.

A white outfit smoothens the process of achieving a snowy and icy look.

WHITE is synonymous with SIMPLICITY.

You can opt for other shades of white as well. White is one of the colors that can never go out of style.

Anyway, if you decide to buy ethnic wear, then get it in white. Unlike other colors, white transcends from one season to the next and is perfect for any season or weather.

For a light function look: pick either a plain Kurti with Chikankari work all over it or a white Kurti with contrast or funky embroidery detail.

SO, whenever you get confused, just opt for a white outfit since it can never go wrong!


Liven Up Your Look with Ultimate Gray   

Ultimate Gray One Piece

In case you’re not entirely a black lover or a white lover, then gray can be your perfect ally!

It’s neither too light nor too dark.

Ultimate Gray is a perfect color for summer as it looks appealing to the eyes and gives a calming look.

Ultimate Gray color promotes a modern, dignified, and pretty formal look. This color gives you a less personal and more neutral look, not signifying anything specific.

In order to send a sober and practical message.

If you’re thinking of attending a formal meeting or nailing an interview, then Ultimate Gray is an ideal choice.

Interestingly, Ultimate Gray is one of those colors that can go well with any other color, and each outfit in ultimate gray color looks like an absolute crisp.

Being the COLOR OF THE YEAR (one of the two colors), it’s a great time to put on the Ultimate Gray!

Try out a traditional outfit in this combination of colors, i.e., Ultimate Gray and Off White.


Give your eyes a rest with energizing subtle hues...

If you are looking for soft and subtle colors that you can wear to any light function without making the look too overpowering, then try the below-mentioned outfits out!


Choose the right color for your undertone.

Knowing your undertone can help you achieve the best look possible because…

it accentuates and complements your complexion.

So, if you have warm undertones then, ideally, you should go with peach to yellow and golden colors to enhance your skin tone.

In case of cool undertones, pink and bluish colors will flaunt your skin tone.

Remember that there’s no hard and fast rule about sticking to the perfect colors that would complement your skin tone.

You can wear your favorite colors as per your choice and this list is just to enhance the overall look, you are already beautiful.

If you want to put on colors that would complement your skin tone, then give the below-mentioned a read!

Warm (Pick Peach to Yellow & Golden)

Lava Falls





Cool (Pick Pink or Bluish)




Beach Glass

Blue Atoll

Cerulean Blue

Purple Rose


So, go ahead and experiment with these (aforementioned) beautiful colors this summer.

Stay FASHION-FORWARD and gussy up this season with the most-trendy and summer-friendly hues.

What you wear is important but how you wear it is the essence of clothing. Make sure to wear colors that not only lift your mood but also boost your confidence.


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