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Article: 6 Ultimate Print & Pattern Trends for This Summer!

anarkali kurta

6 Ultimate Print & Pattern Trends for This Summer!

Are you looking for fashion prints and patterns that you can pull off even on a hot summer day?

Some of the patterns might look a little tacky when worn on a hot summer day.

Whichever print and pattern you wear can say a lot about you and your style without you even uttering a single word out.

Not every pattern is favorable for every occasion and event.

Hence, it’s vital to not settle for just any print and go for the one which COMPLEMENTS YOU.

Each print and pattern had quite a journey of their own, which made them stand apart from the others.

So, let’s celebrate the essence of distinctiveness that each print or pattern holds and unfold the qualities that each one of them possesses.

Scroll down to read about different prints and patterns to choose the one (or more) that will suit you the most.


Achieve Sophisticated Simplicity with Sanganeri Print

Starting off with one of the most prominent prints of Rajasthan, Sanganeri print.

Sanganeri printing style was originated from Sanganer, a village in Rajasthan.

This printing style is anonymous with the famous block printing, in which wooden blocks are used with designs engraved on them.

The wooden blocks, which are used in the printing process, are known as Chappas or Buntis, come in different shapes and sizes.

Printing is done by using chemical and vegetable dyes.

Sanganeri hand block print depicts flora and fauna of a particular region and usually consists of floral motifs.

Earlier, the print was only limited to white or light color fabrics, but now you can see them on colorful fabrics as well.

You can easily recognize them as intricate detailing and vibrant floral patterns on off-white or pure white color bases.

If you want to try out just one outfit in Sanganeri print then go with Kurti or Kurta in Sanganeri print as it will show a big plunge in your ethnic style.

The clothes in this print are usually easy-breezy and apt for the hot summer days.

Check out some beautiful Sanganeri print Kurtis/Kurtas.



Be a Lil Adventurous with Tie & Dye

As it’s indicative by the name itself, the art involves tying and dyeing of fabrics, conventionally, by hands.

The art was first introduced in japan as shibori in the 8th century and later on, it reached other parts of the world where due to transition and alteration, different places came up with different styles and names of tying and dyeing.

Therefore, being one of the most ancient textile prints, each country has its own way of tying and dyeing of clothes,

plus, the art is known by different names in different countries.

For instance, in India as Bandhani; Japan as Shibori; Thailand and Laos as Mudmee; and so on.

Each tie and dye pattern turns out to be different from one another;

depending upon the amount of dye used, colors used, the duration of time you let the dyed fabric sit out in the sun, type & quality of the fabric, and tying technique used.

Therefore, each design is ONE OF A KIND, when it comes to tie & dye.

Although all sorts of clothes look charming in tie & dye pattern,

if you could choose just one then I’d suggest you go with t-shirts, sweatshirts, bottom wear, & shrugs in tie & dye print

In case you wanna be a lil adventurous, you can simply tie & dye your own clothes (preferably a white t-shirt) right at your place.

There are millions of videos up on the internet that you can take a look at, to tie & dye your clothes at home.

So, don’t wait any longer and transform your old tee into a colorful masterpiece.

And yes,

don’t forget to accessorize your tie & dye outfits with your favorite funky and quirky jewels.

It’s an evergreen pattern that’s gonna stay in trend for quite some time, so no need to think twice,

just go get your hands on it for this summer season!


Paisley Print- the Quirky Commas!

Do you also adore that kidney or teardrop-like shapes imprinted on the fabrics??

YES, those are called Paisley print, which is a kind of ornamental textile design, originated in Persia many centuries ago.

Over the years, Paisley print has been transformed into a classic bohemian-print worn by people all around the world.

Paisley is known by different names in different countries, for instance, Palme in France; bota in the Netherlands; bootar in India; and peizuli in Japan.

You can identify and distinguish the prints by their shapes, often look like a kidney or a teardrop, done by using buteh or buta with a CURVED UPPER END.

Paisley print is famous for its elegant and regal look, therefore, it’s an ideal choice to go for an over-the-top event or, even, a subtle occasion.

Paisley print is one of the most versatile prints ever as it complements almost all types of clothing wear, ranging from kurtas to western wear.

In essence, Paisley is a SAFE CHOICE to look presentable without even layering too many things.

One of the most stunning outfits in Paisley print could be wide bottom Indian pants, long skirts, scarfs, shawls, kurtas/kurtis, and palazzos.

Nonetheless, you don’t need to stick to just the aforementioned ones, you can absolutely discover and explore other garbs in Paisley print.

Mentioned below are a few ensembles from which you can take a reference. 


Is It Even Summer Without Stripes?

You cannot go through a summer catalog without a striped print outfit being in it, ever wondered why??

Because the looks of the print and fabric that are used to imprint stripe pattern give off easy-breezy vibes, perfectly apt for a hot summer day or an evening event.

Also, stripes print exudes exciting, energetic, cheerfulness, and uplifting vibes, which will provide you a feeling of PERSONAL COMFORT above all else.

Versatility and the quality of being easy on the eyes, make striped print one of the most loved and wearable patterns throughout the whole year.

Few studies ascribe the increased popularity of stripe print to the time when Queen Victoria started dressing her son in stripes and the trend became mainstream.

To pull off a head-turner look, try to incorporate at least one item of striped clothing or even accessory into your whole summertime look.

If you’re trying to override unreasonable purchases and can choose only one print among all of the ones discussed, then I’d urge you to go with stripes, whether it be horizontal or vertical, it doesn’t really matter.

To keep it subtle, try to pair your striped culottes with a plain top, and to notch up the look, team your favorite striped shirt with a pair of distressed denim.

So, don’t forget to get on board with some BOLD AND VIBRANT STRIPES & make your summer days exciting and lively! 

Check out some more styles that you can create with your favorite stripes!


Floral Print- the Print That’s Stood the Test of Time

It is said that floral prints were originated in Asia, where they were hand-printed on luxurious silk fabrics and only the wealthiest of people could afford them.

Today, there is a wide range of floral clothing that all of us can incorporate into our collection.

The print is somewhat synonymous with spring or summer look, so it’s a no-brainer to put on some floral apparel to stay in tune with SUMMER VIBES!

Floral print has always been in fashion since the dawn of its creation and will hold the same importance for the upcoming decades also, undoubtedly.

So, go ahead and hoard on floral print outfits for this summer season or even for the next one, too, because it’s never getting out of style. 

The advantage of this print over others is that you get to choose from an eclectic variety of patterns within the floral umbrella,

for instance,

if you’re a fan of big print then you can go for tropical floral patterns, and if you prefer a bit smaller and patchy prints then wildflowers or vintage floral print would be a great choice.

Garbs like skirts, shirts, vintage dresses, loungewear, and tops the most alluring pieces that look best in floral print, so if you’re thinking about your next purchase in the same print then go ahead and choose from the aforementioned ones.

More floral patterns to explore are rose gardens, scattered daisies, vintage blooms, dried flower heads, pressed floral patterns, florals on a light background, etc.

Browse through the pictures of floral outfits given below to explore the beautiful patterns.


Always Be Picnic Ready with Gingham

Remember old school uniforms??

Yes, those were ginghams (for the most part.)

Time and again,

people often interchange the terms plaid and gingham as they fail to recognize the minor difference which sets apart gingham from plaid,

i.e., ginghams are always in white & one other color and they appear to be more orderly than plaids.

Just like florals, gingham also rolls around every summer and is an apt choice for your summer outings, be it picnics, casual outings, road trips, etc.,

seems like gingham was made for the SUMMER SEASON ONLY!!

Gingham signifies modesty because of its simple and sophisticated style, which makes it one of the most important prints in a woman’s closet.

Fascinating gingham print can turn even the simplest outfit into a FASHIONABLE FAD.

The most prominent pieces in gingham print are dresses, skirts, tops, and shirts.

Here is a quick lookbook consisting of gingham outfits to ACE YOUR SUMMER WARDROBE!

Since all the patterns have their own unique quality,

it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact pattern that would be the most suitable for the summer season, so it’s totally up to your mood and preference.

In a nutshell, summer is all about choosing to wear something breathable, breezy, minimal, yet presentable.

Different regions lend their own touch to each print or a pattern, which enhances its versatility, thus making it renowned in almost every region.

Since summers can get a bit exhausting and need a constant BOOST OF FRESHNESS, make sure to layer fabrics like cotton, seersucker, linen, rayon, silk, chiffon, georgette, organza, khadi, and crepe to stay cool throughout the hot summer days.

Now that you’ve got a good hang of suitable summer prints and patterns,

go ahead and try out the ones that appeal to you the most.


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