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Meet the founder

As they all say, "Where there is a will, there's a way" and just like that, our founders, Mr. Anuj Mundhra & Mrs. Vandana Mundhra, brought this saying into existence by building “” – a brand centered around representing Indian traditional wear for all occasions.  The three things necessary for a good style choice- fresh vibe, trend and comfort- are all displayed on the products of

Circa 2001, Mr. Anuj Mundhra was working in a Retail Saree Showroom as a helper, for just ₹1400 per month. He soon realized that he won't be able to sustain himself and his family with that low income, so he decided to quit his job.
Then to earn a living, he would purchase suit sets from vendors and further sell them to other shopkeepers. This new endeavor came with its own challenges as acquiring products, conveyance, and other factors were also a task, given the limited amount of resources that he had at his disposal, but he continued hustling by being persistent and with the help of his friends.
After earning a handful of income, Mr. Anuj opened his own block and screen-printing unit in Jaipur itself.
This went on till 2012 when he arrived at Delhi Metro Station and the notion of building a fashion giant came to his mind when he saw huge hoardings of e-commerce marketplaces, namely, Snapdeal and Jabong. He felt a moment of epiphany and realized that e-commerce is going to be the future of shopping in India. He came back to Jaipur and spoke to a CA (Chartered Accountant), enquiring about company regulations and compliances.
In 2012, he incorporated Nandani Creation Pvt. Ltd., with a humble sum of ₹50,000, which he amassed from his close friends and later took a loan to seed his business.
The women of his family were the perennial source of inspiration to him, as we all love to see them dressed beautifully with elegance.
Even after turning the dream into reality with shakable experiences, now life was calling for bigger challenges, and what's more challenging than sustaining in the business market and that too, in the world of fashion that keeps on changing swiftly?
Initially, the struggle was immense as online shopping was not in the foreground in India, in addition to that, the return rate was quite high, shipping products to the destination was difficult, the target audience was also low, and whatnot.
One of the supreme challenges was to acquire products to sell online as the vendors were quite reluctant to provide their products to sell online because they were accustomed to the preconceived notion of the Indian audience purchasing products based on the touch & feel of the item/fabric/material.
Hence, he (our founder) decided to set up his own manufacturing unit, from designing to stitching, Nandani Creation Pvt. Ltd. became the whole & sole maker of its apparel.
Eventually, hard work started paying off and Nandani Creation Pvt. Ltd. witnessed its boon in 2016 when the firm got listed on the stock exchange and converted into Nandani Creation Ltd.
The strength of Nandani Creation Ltd. is largely attributed to its leading brand that came into existence in 2012. The brand embodies meticulous fineness in each attire and is soaked in a whimsical traditional charm that every regal customer roots for. Its remarkable journey and growth bear the imprint of Mr. Anuj Mundhra and his team’s sustained efforts.
Brand is unique in the way it portrays the traditional image of Indian women. The style & design of each piece is well-thought-out and paints a picture of heritage India. However, the brand is rooted in the modern and staying abreast of modern channels of retail helps them reach out to a vast audience all across.
With keeping a growth mindset, he (our founder) strives to turn into a global brand, striking a perfect chord between contemporary style & heritage.