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Article: Top 10 Summer Wardrobe Essentials That Worth Your Money

jaipur kurti

Top 10 Summer Wardrobe Essentials That Worth Your Money

Summer calls for eye-soothing outfits as vibrant colors appear to be more tacky than usual in summers; therefore, it can be a task to put on an outfit that ticks all the boxes of your requirement.

When summer strikes, it’s time to bring out some easy-breezy outfits that complement your style and feel refreshing, too. An intelligent buyer is someone who knows how to spend his/her hard-earned money wisely and make the best use of even a single purchase.

Since resources are getting scarce, it’s time to become a minimalist and put a halt to our fast-fashion impulse purchases.

But…looking stylish and feeling fresh aren’t mutually exclusive anymore, want to know why?

Give a read to the list of summer essentials giving below & if you have all the essentials that are listed hereafter then you’re all set for this summer season.

Off White Cotton Kurta

No style can beat the elegance and soothing sight of a plain off-white kurta.

Not only is it appealing to the eyes, but it’s also breathable and skin-friendly, which will help you stay fresh throughout the hot summer days!

Few accessories look as iconic as a bunch of oxidized jewelry and an off-white kurta, wearing the combo will add a touch of sophistication to your entire look.

If you’re not a fan of plain white outfits, then you can choose other alternatives like a plain kurta with contrast embroidery, ethnic motifs, or chikankari print on it.

Whether it’s a family function or a casual day-outing, a sober white cotton kurta supersedes all other ensembles.

Browse further to see some beautiful & exquisite white cotton kurta looks that you can achieve and nail this summer, too.


Kurti Top

Dressing up for summers and that too especially for some extravagant event can be a task as it requires to put on various glittery layers,

but is there any short and sweet solution to combat this issue?


One of the best alternatives to it is a Kurti Top, it’s not just a VERSATILE PIECE but it also provides your body enough room to breathe and stay fresh throughout the hot summer day.

You can alter your look as per the requirements of the event, like,

you can pair it with jeans while chilling with your friends, going to office, or enjoying a day out and palazzos or leggings would be apt if you’re attending a family function or a festive night.

Kurti top is something that lends itself well to a variety of different settings and can be easily mixed and matched with a variety of options.

Want to know how??

Have a look at the gallery shown below.


White Tee

White means simplicity & purity with a touch of GRACEFUL POWER, hence no color can be better than white for the summer season.

A classic white T-shirt is a timeless fashion, hands down. It’s super versatile and can be paired with almost anything, plus no other outfit can beat the duo of white t-shirt & blue denim.

A classy plain White Tee is a reliable, go-to outfit that can add a touch of sophistication to an otherwise casual look.

It looks great when tucked into a pair of high-waisted denim and requires just a few bucks to make it to your closet,

So, why not give it a go?

It has always been a catalyst for your fashion quotient & we will be wearing it for the foreseeable future also.

This is how you can pair your ultimate white tee with a number of different preferences.



Palazzos are an ultimate summer staple because they are perfect to make you look cool and stay comfortable at the same time. It can be worn with a casual tee, tank top, kurtas, or kurtis.

To achieve a casual yet elegant look, try partnering a pair of palazzos with a tucked-in shirt.

This versatile piece of clothing is a must-have in your summer clothing wardrobe because you can never go wrong with a decent pair of palazzos in summery shades.

Try to opt for some light and refreshing hues like white, off-white, or cream, and

if you want to give them a more stylish touch, then choose the ones that are made with schiffli embroidery fabric.

Here’s how you can partner your favorite pair of palazzos with anything that you possibly want.


Floral Dress

There’s no better summer apparel than a floral dress to lift your summer spirits to the most.

A floral dress is an ideal piece of clothing to project the perfect vibe for the summer season. Not just for the summer season, floral dresses are perfect to wear year-round; you’ll look effortlessly elegant wearing them.  

All you got to do is partner it with any footwear of your choice and you are all set to go!

You don’t need to try so hard with a floral dress as the print in itself speaks out for everything.

So, if you are looking to appear “effortlessly elegant”, then you know what to grab, right?

Browse the gallery below and explore the bright and eye-catching options to go and shop.



Breezy Shirts

A loose and breezy shirt is another cool addition to your summer essentials, remember,

the flowerier, the better!!

They will make you look stylish while staying comfy.

You can team them with a pair of boyfriend jeans, jorts (denim shorts), black leggings, maxi skirts, or even, white palazzos.

Whatever you choose to go with, I can bet that you won’t regret the experiment.

So, put on an over-sized breezy shirt and nail your next day out or dress up for your upcoming shopping destination.

To make the exploring process easier for you, here’s a list of cool & breezy shirt styles that you can rock this summer.


Striped Dress

Stripes are the perfect prints to beat the summer heat in style.

The elegant silhouette and the touch of airy feel make it an excellent outfit choice, not just for the summer days, but for the whole year.

This elegant piece of clothing is something that you’ll wear for decades to come as it makes your look eye-catching without being overwhelming.

Whether it’s Banker Stripe, Pinstripe, Breton, Bengal, Chevron Stripe, or any other stripe for that matter, each will be a breeze to your styling look.

To accentuate the look, try layering your striped dress with a denim jacket, worn or wrapped around the waist, doesn’t matter, but it will definitely bring out the fashion diva in you!



Cotton Loungewear

After an exhausting day, nighttime is all we get to pamper ourselves and relax in peace, then why not give your sweats a night off and get dressed up for bed?

Sleep in style with cotton loungewear, which is not only comfy but is skin-friendly also, so that the clothes you are sleeping in are not abrasive for your skin.

I mean, who doesn’t want to get a peaceful and soothing sleep after the day wears off??

Even if you’re relaxing at home on a Sunday morning, opt for cotton loungewear to lounge around at home. You’ll be mesmerized by the homely feels that it lends you.

And yeah, one more thing, guess what??

Loungewear is not only to sleep in, but it can be a chill and pretty cool style statement when you are stepping out.

All you gotta do is put on a pair of classy flip-flops and some confidence, and voila! You are good to go.

I have created a list of options from where you can choose your perfect fit; check out the list.




Summers are all about exploring new places & running some errands!

Then why not move in style??

It’s a must-have pair of footwear to give you an instant style boost during these hot summer days.

Even the most expected things can go awry, but your look created by incorporating a pair of cool gladiators can never go wrong, neither can it go out of style.

They not only elongate the appearance of your legs but also save your feet from overheating & keep them fresh.

A pair of flat brown gladiators will give a touch of polish to your casual outfits and will keep your timeless fashion intact.

Partner your gladiators with shorts, skirts, breezy dresses, or jumpsuits, I can bet the whole look would not disappoint you.

Take a quick look at how gladiators can lift your whole look.



Maxi Skirt

Last but not least summer-friendly outfit, Maxi Skirt,

which can be easily mixed and matched with a number of options like tank tops, kurtas, ethnic printed tops, long shrugs, etc.

Maxi skirt is super breezy and flowy; hence you get to stay comfy while looking stylish, guess comfort & style aren’t mutually exclusive anymore, right?

An elegant ethnic print maxi skirt when paired with almost anything can turn your outfit from mundane to something exciting in a jiffy!

So, put on an ethnic maxi skirt and stay in the loop with the fast-pacing fashion world.

If you want to know how you can curate a cool maxi skirt with different ensembles, then check the below list out!


 While curating your wardrobe with summer essentials,

keep in mind that redundant clothes aren’t just unimpressive but they are also a waste of resources.

Try to incorporate minimal yet versatile essentials that aren’t over-the-top expensive but also serve you with, “elegance & versatility.”

All the aforementioned essentials are the best pieces to help you stay in tune with the contemporary fashion world and make you stay refreshed throughout the hot summer days.

To form the foundation of your summer wardrobe, the simple & versatile staples that can be easily mixed and matched with multiple options are the best fit.


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