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Jaipur Kurti presents a single-layer, double-layer, and triple-layer face mask for men. Women and kids to protect against the spread of diseases through liquid or airborne particles. These medical masks from Jaipur Kurti block large-particle droplets, splashes, and splatters that may contain disease-causing viruses and bacteria, by forming a physical barrier to keep these away from reaching the nose and mouth of the user. In order to reduce the exposure to infected saliva and respiratory secretions, these cotton face masks can be worn by a deceased individual as well. Apart from viral diseases such as COVID-19, it may also be worn to protect oneself from dust and pollution in the environment. These colorful or printed cotton face masks from Jaipur Kurti are loose-fitting masks to cover the nose and mouth and have drawstrings or fastening bands that clasp behind the head. You can buy these reusable masks in a pack of 30 pieces for only 420 rs, to be used by a health care worker or by the general public to avoid chances of cross-contamination.