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Article: What to Wear to a Job Interview – Interview Attire for Women

What to Wear to a Job Interview – Interview Attire for Women
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What to Wear to a Job Interview – Interview Attire for Women

Interview Dress Code for Females

Job interviews can be astonishingly stressful. Anyone who is interviewing for a job needs to be prepared for the interview ahead of time, remain confident throughout the interview and make sure to show his or her gratitude to the interviewer at the end. This will increase your chance of landing your dream job. If you are a woman and looking for what to wear to an interview, then your options can vary based on the type of company or job you are interviewing for. You should always dress in order to make the best impression, but the interview attire you opt for depends on whether you’re interviewing at a company with a formal dress code, for an informal summer job or internship or for a causal startup.

Deciding on your formal attire for an interview is often a nerve-wracking part of the preparation process. Your chances of success at a job interview depend on both how well you answer the questions and how nicely you present yourself. Therefore, tidy, pulled together job interview clothes can aid to persuade the hiring manager that you’re perfect for the job.

Following are the tips on how to dress for an interview and what not to wear to an interview.

Do Your Research First:

Before finalizing your interview outfits, you should first research the company to get to know how formal their working environment is. You can take a hint of it from the company’s website and social media pages. If this doesn’t help then you can also try calling the company’s HR to determine the appropriate dress code.

Also, it’s good to consider the role and industry while selecting the interview attire for women. For instance, you can go for formal business attire if you’re interviewing for a corporate position in finance or a law company. A tailored dress, straight suit or skirt suit is the best option for women. However, if the workplace or position is less formal then business casual attire for women like yellow suits, plain top and palazzo pants are always a good option.

Business Casual Attire For Women

Business casual cannot be strictly defined. generally, it is dressing professionally without being overly formal. It's something of the range in between a level up from jeans and t-shirt and a level down from formal business attire.

Simple Yet Professional Looking Tops

While deciding your top for a job interview make sure it is comfortable, professional and conservative. Try a solid straight top with a cardigan, a casual jacket, or a knit sweater. Go for simple patterns and neutral colours. Make sure to avoid fabric that wrinkles easily, oversized sweaters, ill-fitting clothes, and plunging necklines. A casual dress paired with a cardigan and simple belt is also a good option.

Pants or Skirt for Bottom wear

You can try pairing your top with black leggings or a knee-length or long skirt that have been properly ironed. If you’re wearing a button-down shirt or top you can tuck it into your trouser pants or skirt for a polished appearance. To look professional you can also wear khaki or cotton pants.

Professional Footwear

Black or brown closed-toe flats, pumps, or low heels make a good option for professional footwear. Make sure that your shoes are not scratched, scuffed or dirty. Flip-flops, sneakers, strappy sandals, sky-high stilettos or bright colored shoes need to be avoided for an interview.


For a job interview, your jewelry choices need to be simple and professional. Having said that, you should avoid large, chunky or distracting necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Wearing a simple hoop or stud earring, one or two simple bracelets that don’t jangle and a delicate necklace is a good choice. If you’ve decided to wear nail polished then keep it unchipped and in a classic muted colour.

What You Should Not Wear to an Interview:

No matter how formal or informal the workplace is, there are some things that needs to avoid while choosing your outfit. How you dress is an important part of how others perceive you and your ultimate goal in a job interview is to make a good first impression. Following are the things which are to be avoided to make you look your best:

– Open Toed Sandals and Flip Flops
– Athletic shoes
– Shirts with thin straps or tank tops
– Shorts
– Dresses or skirts that are too short.
– Shirts that expose your belly or have too-low necklines.

These were some outfit ideas for the interview. Reading this will help you in getting the idea of what outfit to choose while getting ready for the big day and make your first impression overwhelming to land your dream job. If you have any other suggestion that you feel apt for the occasion and is not included in the list please let us know by your valuable comments.

All the best!!

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