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Article: Top 5 Types of Embroidery - Timeless Ethnic Charms

Top 5 Types of Embroidery

Top 5 Types of Embroidery - Timeless Ethnic Charms

Embroidery in India has come a long way. As fashion trends changed with time, Indian Embroidery as in Jaipur Kurti outfits have adapted to the new climate and managed to remain elegant and sophisticated. While each embroidery technique possesses its speciality, one thing is for certain, each one of them makes a serious style statement. Different Indian cultures influence embroidery designs and have a different flavour of their own.

Threadcraft of Indian Embroidery has been cherished by dedicated craftsmen and has the world obsessing over them. Embroideries of India includes various embroidery styles that vary by region and styles of clothes.


Zardozi Embroidery is a traditional method where metallic threads like silver and golden are used to create intricate designs. Jaipur Kurti’s premium suit sets, kurta and other ensembles feature details of modern zardozi embroidery.
modern zardozi embroidery


In Gota Embroidery artisans use the applique technique. It is made with small pieces of zari ribbon created into elaborative patterns. You can spot this type of gota embroidery to highlight the details and as border embellishments.

gota embroidery


Kantha embroidery is a traditional form which is done with simple running stitches along the edges of garments to emphasize the edges and borders. The kantha embroidery fabrics are usually lightweight and have a soft touch.
Kantha embroidery


Aari embroidery originated in the Mughal era with motifs inspired by natural elements. These elements include leaves, flowers, trees, birds and animals. Jaipur Kurti’s aari work designs are very unique and can be worn on special occasions.

aari work designs


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Zari embroidery commonly used in Indian wear designs?
Yes, Zari embroidery is a popular choice at Jaipur Kurti. It adds a touch of elegance and traditional charm to the outfits, making them perfect for festive occasions and special events.

Q2. How is Mirror work embroidery utilized in Jaipur Kurti creations?
Mirrorwork, a hallmark of Rajasthani craftsmanship, is elegantly integrated into Jaipur Kurti designs. It brings a reflective element to the garments, enhancing their visual appeal and making them stand out in both casual and formal settings.

Q3. Do Jaipur Kurti's embroidered outfits require special care?
While Jaipur Kurti's embroidered pieces are crafted with durability in mind, it is advisable to follow the care instructions provided. Typically, gentle handwashing or dry cleaning is recommended to preserve the integrity of the intricate embroidery work.


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