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Article: How to Select the Best Outfits for Indian Wedding Rituals

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How to Select the Best Outfits for Indian Wedding Rituals

You surely wonder about the appropriate Indian outfits for wedding functions, because Indian Weddings are known all around the world for their grandiose appeal, larger-than-life decor, multi-day festivities, and glittering attire, the best wedding outfits. An Indian wedding takes months to organize and culminates in a large event that people anticipate throughout the year.

Deciding the outfit for wedding functions can be difficult because there are many rituals that you have to keep your outfit ready for – like haldi ceremony dress, roka ceremony dress, engagement dress, best outfits for reception, etc.

All of these considerations can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve put up a simple list of the best wedding outfits to help you narrow down your options when choosing the ideal simple haldi function dress, roka ceremony dress and many more.


Simple Green Solid Satin Kurtas for Female Guests 

When you receive an Indian wedding invitation, your excitement will always rise. Indian weddings are one of the most extravagant, with a long list of colorful functions and spectacular receptions. If you want to blend in with the throng and enjoy the celebrations to the utmost, you’ll need to dress appropriately. (Like suit for haldi ceremony, roka ceremony dress, engagement dresses).

Go with Jaipur Kurti Simple green solid satin kurta get a thumbs-up for such celebrations.

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For Ganesh Pooja or Tilak

Every wedding ritual starts with Ganesh Pooja. Simple and comfortable clothes are recommended for the semi-formal event. Because religious activities sometimes include a bonfire, so you should go with comfortable fabrics and loose-fitting clothing. 

Jaipur Kurti Pink Embroidered Straight Handloom Kurta with Palazzos & Dupatta will work equally well for this auspicious occasion

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Haldi Ceremony

The Haldi ceremony is a messy but wonderful event where you must choose your haldi ceremony dress very carefully. Best wedding outfits for wedding functions. In Indian haldi ceremony outfits, yellow has almost become the official color code. So, how about sticking with the theme and going for a mellow yellow suit for haldi ceremony?

Searching for a simple haldi function dress, Indian haldi ceremony outfits check out Jaipur Kurti Women Mustard & Grey Embroidered Viscose Musline Kurta With Palazzo & Net Dupatta is waiting right here for you..! Grab it today.!

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Roka Ceremony Dress

A Roka ceremony serves as a formal notification of both the bride and groom’s consent to marry and begin the festivities. If you are looking for some roka ceremony outfit for you and your loving family/friends, you have landed the right place. As it is the very first function, you need to keep it simple yet classy.

Go with our beautiful Women Beige Ethnic Brocade Kurtas while finding a perfect Roka Ceremony dress and save the heavy embellishments and jewelry for the rest of the outfits for wedding functions.

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Lighten the Load During Vidai

The vidaai is obviously an emotional moment for family and friends. After attending a number of wedding functions it’s time to return back to something simple to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed at the same time. 

If you are looking for something that is comfortable, chic and glamorous at the same time, then perhaps Jaipur Kurti’s Women Beige Ethnic Chanderi Kurtas is the best attire to choose. 

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If you’re wondering where you can get all these outfits from, check our website – When you are choosing outfits for wedding functions, it sometimes gets difficult to select the best wedding outfits. Just make sure you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing because you’ll be on your feet a lot during these events.

Start Shopping for the Best wedding outfits for wedding functions with us..! 

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