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We always want to look better and better every time, and surely we want to look better than anyone else. Isn’t it true?

The customer’s prior attractive and branded materials enhance his/her look by dressing up on prevailing trends.

When it comes to fashion, we Indians are truly blessed. Our culture, class and people are full of tradition where impactful arts, skills and knowledge are expressed by unique and attractive dresses that come from different corners of the boundary.

Only perfect clothes can give a perfect shape to your body. It’s a fact!!!

Amaiva soon to become one of the largest fashion hubs recognizes the customer approach and delivers attractive, versatile and affordable dresses for women affiliated with ‘Jaipur Kurti’.

Jaipur Kurti is counted as one of the most trusted brands for women wear. Here, you get only what you want and more than you desired. It is a popular online portal where you can buy all kinds of dresses regarding women for all genres. Buy from Jaipur Kurti at an attractive and amazing price and can also avail discounts to shop with a smile.

Now change your mind……& shop what you wish at a low price!!

Here you can grab our unique and extra adorable collections of Tops, Suits, Leggings, Kurtis, Palazzos, Gharara, Sharara and Patiala Salwar. Moreover, you can jazz and look more stylish wearing our rich and cost-effective Jackets, Tunics, Jumpsuits, Dhoti pants, Narrow pants and Shirts.

Amaiva gives direct and strong attention to design and deliver attractive, stunning outfits. Amaiva gives a trending view with its latest collections of women’s wear that is highly demanded in the market.

Quality products and services are the remarks of it. With time, more & more people are engaging with it.

We never negotiate with quality. Oriented work is our identity that’s why with time more people are engaging with our services.

Quality and better services are our benchmarks!!

Encounter our huge collections of women outfits, where you can select and grab numerous kinds of attractive and stylish dresses at a cheap price.

Come and shop with us!!

Not like ordinary but like a festive celebration!!! Yes…festive celebration.

America largest hub for fashion store, inaugurating its attractive and stylish women dresses on coming 13th May 2018 (Sunday). Amaiva is looking forward to delivering its foremost customers by serving unique and stylish dresses in different approaches at a cheap price.

Buy Tops, Suits, Leggings, Kurtis, Palazzo, Gharara, Sharara, Patiala Salwar, Jackets, Tunics, Jumpsuits, Dhoti Pants, Narrow Pants and Shirts very affordable budget price.

Clothes are the only things that give a perfect identity.

If you choose the perfect style and colours in your dress then you will really look outstanding and you will attract everyone. Your dressing sense can make you important to your circle and in the crowd.

We are offering cost-effective and adorable services for embroidery work per client-based. Our range of products has been made, using a combination of stonework, thread work, and beadwork.

The embroidery is done on a large fabric platform like; Silk, Cotton, Satin and other materials. We execute embroidery work as per the clients' design, and have our own manufacturing units and can supply bulk product orders with consistent quality and in time.

It is important to get an update and aware customers with fresh and new ones!!

Our collections of products are updated in accordance with various seasons and the daily fashion trend prevailing in the market; also our products are fresh and unique in comparison to the market with the help of our creative expertise.

We have a large number of collections of Desi as well Western Traditional outfits. We prominently deal in Tops, Suits, Leggings, Kurtis, Palazzo, Gharara, Sharara, Patiala Salwar, Jackets, Tunics, Jumpsuits, Dhoti Pants, Narrow Pants and Shirts.

Make yourself look unique and better than anyone else around you!!

So, for that take a look at our wide and deadly collections of Modern styles.



Kurtis one of the common traditional outfits delivers comforts, versatility and attractiveness. Kurtis comes with many advantages like; you can go well with the many occasions, easy to wear, match with different accessories, and most consider it comes in many budget segments.



Patiala Salwar traditional Indian wear style comes in long loose shirts that become more preferable for women. In modern days, most Indian women prefer to wear Salwar with jeans, which itself is a fashion. Inspired by modern trends, we have seamless and attractive collections of Patiala Salwar for women, especially in high demand.


Palazzos have become popular these days, especially in summer season style when you are looking for the best match for your parties, occasions and special evenings, you can try our wide range of Palazzo pants. Palazzo pants are very stylish, classy and comforts and one of its feature is that it goes with all class of age. It is kind of formal as well as informal dress.


Suits are a very traditional style of ‘Desi look’ comes in wide varieties for women where it becomes top and snick modern trend in the market when it comes to special occasions. We have a distinct number of Salwar suits where you can select among high designs. Amaiva highly deals in summer season style where you get high demanded suits for women.

We pro-fondly thank our expert’s team that combine efforts and skills and design beautiful dresses. The team of professionals connected with our organisation and put their hard work and provides an extensive and exclusive range of numerous products.

When we introduce any new kind of style pattern and dress then at first we make a lot of research that and take advice from a fashion industry expert so that we can produce trending and people demanding dress.

We always count what people need and what their choice is and according to that, we release our services so everyone can be a part of our services.


Amaiva is one of the trusted offline service outfits providers in all over India because its services are much advanced and exciting.

All other platforms Amaiva because they always introduce the latest fashion-oriented designer dress that is liked by all and people wait for our offline collections.

The best thing to know is that you can also tell us our choices and we will serve like that and maybe more advanced than.

We care about our clients and for their best, we can do anything!!

Client satisfaction is the best thing in our perspective and we always try to serve our best because we know the importance of our users. That’s why we are called user-based and client-centric services providers offline shopping portals.

Our main work is to serve you the different styles and design patterns for your best outlook.

Our expert team is so advance and so dedicated to their user base that they know all aspects of users and they always carry the latest trends and fashion.

According to that, they bring new outfits!!


Amaiva has become a prominent hub for getting the best collection of outfits.

All the latest print dresses, high-quality print work and many other artwork oriented clothes you will get from here for women. Amaiva has become a well-known brand for getting perfect Tops, Suits, Leggings, Kurtis, Palazzo, Gharara, Sharara, Patiala Salwar, Jackets, Tunics, Jumpsuits, Dhoti Pants, Narrow Pants and Shirts.

Due to its quality services, it has become a top-rated offline portal for retailers, wholesale and a particular user.

We can’t force you to stop and shop with us!!

Our attractive and loving stylish dresses win your attention and that makes you stop and shop with us.


Always Count your dress as a valuable jewel because clothes not only cover your body but also make you special. Everyone wears the best clothes but some wear unique that makes them unique and helps them to make their own class and standard.

Clothes play a vital role in image-making!!

Owing to its own kind of services, Amaiva has created its own impressions and that’s why people are giving priority to it for buyingTops, Suits, Leggings, Kurtis, Palazzo, Gharara, Sharara, Patiala Salwar, Jackets, Tunics, Jumpsuits, Dhoti Pants, Narrow Pants and Shirts. It created its own range and variety in all suits that are following all top brands.

Talking about customizing, Amaiva is steady to serve you as say, like and love.

Amaiva has the widest and huge collections of Desi and modern styles of dresses, where it gives emphasis on-demand- customizable service according to your preferences.

Amaiva gives you a platform to choose your own unique and stylish dresses with some pre-designed art like; if we are talking about Kurti, Amaiva sets teens of choices for best fit.

In Kurti, you can select floor-length Kurti, mid-length Kurti, straight long, Anarkali, and a double line layer of Kurti style as well as in many other outfits too.

Select your stunning looks with Amaiva fashion hub and surely engross your look.


“Fashion is about something that comes from WITHIN you”

Select your fashion style from ‘Amaiva that seamlessly provide a wide range of Tops, Suits, Leggings, Kurtis, Palazzo, Gharara, Sharara, Patiala Salwar, Jackets, Tunics, Jumpsuits, Dhoti Pants, Narrow Pants and Shirts women.

We have high quality and attractive modern style of women with the best fit for a party, occasions, and evenings.


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