Embroidered Dresses to Get You Festive Ready

on November 11, 2020

Embroidery is the intricate art of decorating a piece of fabric. It is done using beautiful threads and needles. This art is largely practised by women and young girls all around the world for many centuries. Our country, India is a huge centre of different types of embroidered arts. You can find a unique variation and style of embroidery in almost every region of India. Indian embroidery suits have become famous worldwide for their intricate and mesmerizing beauty. Not only ethnic suits but Indo-western and western outfits are also being decorated with Indian embroidery style today. Earlier this art was performed using hands, therefore it was quite costly and embroidery dress design was limited to be worn by the upper class only. With the advancement of technology and the invention of sewing machines, it is now possible to make embroidered dresses commercially and available for a wider customer base.


Different Types of Embroidery Dress Design

Ladies salwar suit is one of the most beautiful and comfortable clothing that is mostly decorated all over with embroidered designs. These embroidery dresses display embroidery work beautifully and are light and comfy to wear. Based on the type of suit and the occasion for which it is intended, the embroidery designs can range from intricate and effusive long embroidered dresses to sparse and simple cotton embroidery dresses.

For example, a wedding wears embroidered salwar suit will look very different from casual wear embroidery cotton dress.

An embroidered wedding dress or suit will have multiple heavily embroidered designs. It can also have more glittering embroidery likely of Zari and Zardosi or simpler styles like mokaish and buti work. With artistic use of embroidery on a hand embroidery dress, beautiful Indian motif designs of flowers, peacocks, leaves, trees, abstract shapes and mythological figures can be achieved for beautiful embellishments. Some regional embroidery types such as Kantha work suit comprises of flowers, leaves and nature-inspired designs while others such as Chikankari is used to implement paisley shapes or net/jail designs.


Growing Love for Embroidered Dresses Worldwide

Every region in India boasts a certain type of embroidery style. These popular styles of embroidery are also been used by many top fashion designers worldwide which have made these styles fashionable again. These latest embroidery techniques use unique styles and stitches by adapting with more modern taste such as combining western patterns with typical Indian designs. Women salwar suit embroidery designs can thus consist of more stylized abstractions and artistic shapes as well as the latest motifs designs from India.

Chikankari work, Zari work, Silk work and mirror work are some of the most popular Indian embroidery styles that have become famous all over the world. These can be seen decorating salwar kameez not only in their respective geographical centres of production but all over India. They are being used in adorning both formal and casual wear salwar kameez.


Stylish & Donning Embroidery Suits and Dresses

Indian embroidery styles are of evergreen trend and increased focus on prints has in no way diminished their demand. Embroidered salwar kameez is considered one of the trendiest clothes right now in terms of fashion. Many celebrities have frequently been seen wearing them to red carpets and designers collections.

You can easily accessorize embroidered suits with matching jewellery. For instance, silverwork patterns will obviously match best with silvery or white gold jewellery while heavy gold work zari designs should be matched with gold jewellery sets. Heavy embroidery designs can be worn with glittering polka jewellery and intricate Kundan sets while casual embroidered salwar kameez should be matched with embroidered handbags and pretty pendants.

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