College Dresses for Girls – Top 5 Casual Outfit Ideas for College

on May 15, 2019

College Dresses for Girls: You all would agree that college days are one of the critical phases in everyone’s life. Isn’t it? It not only makes or breaks your future but also whatever happens in college stays with us forever. Doing fashion blunders in this phase of life is certainly not acceptable by peers.

You never know, a major mistake can make you the target of the mean girls bullying tactics. Therefore it is necessary to be very sure about your attire in college. If your dressing sense is not good enough, there are chances of getting booed or catcalled by weird names. A single dressing mistake can cost you your respect. So if you are puzzled about what to wear and how to dress for college or just looking for some college outfits for girls then you are at the correct place. Here you will get ideas of all you need to know about cool and stylish college dresses for students.

Casual Outfit Ideas for College

Before knowing about how to dress up for college in India, let’s get aware of some basic tips:

  • College is both fun as well as difficult. You have to be thick-skinned to make it through safely. So learn to be comfortable in your skin. You can only rock your attire by being confident.
  • If you don’t want to look like an outsider, unfamiliar with dressing, then you should avoid funking up the look too much.
  • If you are not sure about what to wear then keep your go-to style minimalistic.
  • Don’t overdo the makeup. Always wear light make up complementing your outfit.

So here are some dressing styles for girls which are perfect for college apparel. These outfits will boost your confidence in college and make you a trendsetter for the rest

Stay Classy With A Shrug

For a fabulous classy look, you can don a fitted cotton tee and throw a shrug over it. Wear pencil denim and heels to complete the look. Shrugs are available in a variety of colors including grey, pink, blue or camel color. You can also wear long boots and a shrug with a black fitted frock as well. Shrugs are very much in fashion these days. Unlike conventional winter wear shrugs, you can buy one of light material for the warm days as well.

Stay Classy With A Shrug

Cute Skirts For College

Long flared skirts make for adorable outfits. Wear your floral skirt with bellies or heels and casual tops or go for a chicer style. Sport the floral skirt with this red cut-sleeves top and pair them up with matching stilettos.

Cute Skirts For College


Feel Pretty with Palazzo Pants

You can style up palazzos in several ways for college days. It can be paired well with an off-shoulder shirt or a flowy top. A fitted tee is also a good option for fancy apparel. For best footwear options you can try out heels, pumps, flats, and sneakers. Plain palazzo pants with a printed top would make a classy and trendy look.

Feel Pretty With Palazzo Pants


Be Desi with Patiala Salwar

If the season is too hot for you to tolerate a pair of jeans. You can go for comfortable and breathy Patiala for casual yet desi attire. You can beat the heat easily with this light outfit.

Be Desi With Patiala Salwar

Dress with Style

A pretty dress would be a great outfit to wear to college when it’s warm and sunny out. The most fascinating thing about the dress is that it is so easy to just throw on. Flowy statement dresses just complete the outfit entirely.

You can add a few accessories to this outfit in the form of stacked rings, cute sandals, and tinted sunglasses. You can go with or without the jewelry and even just wear flip-flops if you want. Just because this outfit is all about comfort, so your footwear should be comfortable too.

Dress With Style

At last, if you have most of the college outfits for girls, then you’ll always be ready to go when it comes to getting dressed for college.
Mostly, a pair of trouser pants with a great top or a short kurti and some accessories are all you need. If you are looking to wear something more interesting, though, you should unhesitatingly go for it. We all admire the flaunting of the clothes you love and self-expression through fashion.
So go on and Have fun with it . . . and just say “no” to fashion blunders!