Best Cool Festival Outfits That Aren’t Overdone

on December 04, 2020

Who doesn’t love festivals?

We have waited a whole year for this awesome season and know for a fact that our fashionista girls out there love this season of celebration as well!

The best thing about festivals is that you can wear any amount of layered clothing, combined in any sequence and paired with any accessory – It will never look overdone and will just be rightly fit for the occasion.

And for guiding our beautiful ladies in dressing up to their best, our team has brought a list of the best and coolest festival outfits you can sport and it will not look overdone –


Get many eyes glued with this ethnic navy blue kurti 

Sport this practical and fulfilling short kurti in this festive season and get the eyes of people glued to you. This ethnic print kurti has been designed all over the cloth provided with half sleeves for a comfortable fit in the run for the day. The fabric is breathable and is available in multiple sizes.


Confuse the world; bring back the riddle of blue & gold

The viral riddle of blue and gold colour pattern was not over yet and Jaipur Kurti has launched the more popular and better-looking solution for all the riddles. Wear this kurti set during the festival rituals and have all the ladies praise your look, your choice, and you of course!


When in doubt to look like a chic, always choose to go classic

The classical taste never goes out of style. This off-white kurti proves this theory right again with its brilliant looking handwork on the cloth and the soft fabric that will never restrict you from rushing and preparing for your festive duties. It appears casual, it appears professional – this set is one step solution for ladies looking for an outfit for all fronts of life.


Own this kurti in black, complete your wardrobe check

There is not a better colour in this world created than the colour black. The darkness and mystery it carries are perfectly showcased in this product of kurti and straight pants. The look is aptly completed by a golden translucent drape that highlights the overall look you’ll carry this auspicious season.


Look mean, look lean; have you purchased this kurti coloured green 

The most beautiful piece from our perspective has to be this green kurti with minimal design on whole cloth but detailed and heavy borders. The self weave design and the side cuts on the kurti make the person wearing it looking like an individual in charge. The three-fourth sleeves are a cherry on the cake and upscale the product manifold.

Well, that should be sufficient enough for the imaginative minds of our smart ladies to figure out what is in trend and what they are going to match and style during the multitude of festivals about to come.

Shop with us at www.jaipurkurti.com to slay it and get exciting offers!