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Article: 10 Types of MOMs in Indian Wear by Jaipur Kurti

10 Types of MOMs in Indian Wear by Jaipur Kurti

10 Types of MOMs in Indian Wear by Jaipur Kurti

Indian Wear by Jaipur Kurti

Indian wear is versatile and can be styled in many ways to suit different occasions and personalities. Moms are no exception to this rule, as their style choices can vary greatly depending on their individual preferences and lifestyles. 

Your dressing sense mirrors your personality, nature, mood, style and what actually you are as an individual. Here are 10 types of moms and how they dress up in Indian wear. And if you're looking for Mother's Day Gift Ideas for your mom, then you have landed on the perfect place! Jaipur Kurti's Indian wear collection for women offers a wide range starting from simple suit sets to glamorous embroidered suit sets and chic co-ord sets.

  • The Traditional Mom: The Traditional Mom loves wearing classic Indian wear like suit sets and kurta sets. She prefers rich fabrics, intricate embroidery and traditional designs.

Traditional Indian Wear Outfits by Jaipur Kurti


  • The Trendy Mom: The Trendy Mom loves experimenting with her Indian wear wardrobe. She is always up to date with the latest trends and is not afraid to try new styles. She prefers contemporary styles like palazzo and kurta sets, kaftan sets and asymmetrical kurta sets.

Trendy Indian Ethnic Wear Outfit Collection by Jaipur Kurti


  • The Minimalist Mom: The Minimalist Mom likes to keep things simple and elegant. She prefers plain fabrics, muted colors, and minimal embroidery. She picks plain white suit sets and solid-colored kurta sets.

Ethnic Wear Kurta Set | Suit Set by Jaipur Kurti


  • The Bohemian Mom: The Bohemian Mom loves the free-spirited, boho-chic look. She prefers breezy fabrics, colorful prints, and lots of accessories. She is not afraid to mix and match different patterns and colors.

Breezy fabrics, colorful prints, accessories, mix & match different patterns and colors by Jaipur Kurti

  • The Chic Mom: The Chic Mom loves to keep things sophisticated yet stylish. She prefers designer Indian wear like skirts and crop tops and anarkali kurtas. She accessorizes with high-end jewellery and shoes to complete her look.

wedding wear suit set | Designer collection by Jaipur Kurti | Exclusive Suit Sets

  • The Working Mom: The Working Mom likes to keep things practical and comfortable. She prefers simple, tailored Indian wear like Short Kurtis and Blazer Sets for women. She accessorizes with comfortable shoes and a work bag.

Co-ord Set | Top & Bottom Set | Office Wear Outfit | Comfortable cotton fits by Jaipur Kurti

  • The Stay-at-Home Mom: The Stay-at-Home Mom likes to keep things casual and comfortable. She prefers simple cotton loungewear and Cotton Co-ord Sets.

  • The Glam Mom: The Glam Mom loves to make a statement with her Indian wear. She prefers outfits that have bling and glamour, like sequins and beads. She accessorizes with statement jewellery and high heels. Her style can be embellished co-ord sets or traditional embroidered suit sets

Jaipur Kurti Kurta Set

  • The DIY Mom: The DIY Mom loves to customize her Indian wear. She adds her own personal touch to her outfits, like adding a unique accessory or embroidery. She loves experimenting with different styles and designs.
Kurta set collection by Jaipur Kurti


  • The Eco-conscious Mom: The Eco-conscious Mom likes to keep things sustainable and eco-friendly. She prefers outfits made from organic fabrics like cotton and prefers natural dyes. She always picks printed cotton co-ord sets

Cotton Suit Set | Cotton Kurta Set | Plus Size Kurtas | XL, 2XL, XXL, 3XL, 7XL, 5XL size Kurtis

In conclusion, moms have their own unique style when it comes to dressing up in Indian wear. Whether they prefer classic or contemporary styles, moms can look elegant, stylish and comfortable in their own way. With Indian ethnic wear by Jaipur Kurti, there is something for everyone, and moms can choose a style that reflects their personality and lifestyle.

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