Jaipur Kurti Reusable Cotton Dusk Protector Face Mask

.Due to ongoing pandemic, there is a shortage of face masks in India, therefore Jaipur kurti has designated a portion of our manufacturing unit for production of face mask to satisfy the high demand. Our cotton masks are machine washable and durable and are sewn in our factory at Jaipur, Rajasthan. Although they are not the recommended N95 particulate filtering masks, however, research has proven that they’re still useful in helping reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria. They are designed for everyday consumer use in accordance with the WHO recommendations.

Jaipur Kurti face masks have elastic ear loops to help keep the masks secure and are made with multilayered organic cotton material. The front-outward facing fabric is 100% polyester solid with your favourite colour and the inside is a soft 100% cotton material. You have the ability to insert a filter between the fabric layers.

Free from The Risk of Harmful Chemical Off-Gassing

Face masks made up of synthetic fabrics carry a higher risk of chemical off-gassing when the wearer breathes through it as compared to face masks made of organic cotton fabrics. Due to this main reason, opting for organic face masks is a great choice for ensuring less harmful chemical exposure with every breath you take. This avoids the exposure to other chemicals that would otherwise be right up against your face.

Cotton Face Mask

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Jaipur Kurti Cotton Face Masks are Designed for Maximum Comfort

Wearing a face mask for a long duration can feel hot and uncomfortable due to regular breathing and respiration. Keeping this in mind, we have designed a super comfortable fit that provides appropriate facial coverage along with plenty of clearance.

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Provides Perfect Amount of Breathability

The fabric is very soft to touch, makes breathing easy and you’ll love the feel of it over your face. They are made with the purest form of cotton and are a healthier alternative to masks made up of synthetic-fabrics.

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Important things to know about Jaipur Kurti Cotton Face Masks

Wash the masks frequently with soap/detergent, including before usage. You can iron them as well after washing in order to remove wrinkles.

Please note that these face masks do not come under the category of PPE or particulate filtering N95 medical mask

While Jaipur kurti is happy to assist the public in providing organic cotton face masks, no medical claims are included, whether regarding gases, vapours, viruses, germs, fumes, dust particles, any pathogens or infectious issues. Please note if you have a serious medical condition then this face mask may not be considered as suitable.

Jaipur Kurti can help with bulk orders for organic cotton masks for general and governmental use. We are able to provide organic cotton face masks on wholesale. The outward-facing fabric of Mask is 100% polyester solid with your favourite colour and the inside is 100% cotton. You have the ability to insert a filter between the fabric layers. 2 PCS. Filters are included with every order. Outer cover masks are reusable and washable.

Jaipur Kurti prays for the health and safety of our customers, employees and communities. For more information please visit – www.jaipurkurti.com

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