When is EID 2013 in India

Happy EID-UL-FITRIn India some time earlier Sarees and Salwar Kameez were the only dresses women and girls wore. Married women mostly wore sarees and unmarried girls wore salwar Kameez. There were several variants of them that were worn. Fashion was not that much proliferated at that time and it was perhaps more considered with wearing jewellery with whatever you wore.

As time passed by new things started to come and there was a new kind of independence that was being seen in clothes wearing styles. Now women and girls were more independent with whatever they wore and today we all see that fashion is now main and more discussed subject among all. People now much concentrate about how should they look and what kinds of wears they should put on.

Now there are not only two wears that women and girls can wear. Today we see a flood in female wears and everyday new dressing style is originated but it does not mean that previous style or wears have gone and not worn today. They have some new shape and have been modernized according to nowadays’ fashion.

Kurti is one of them. It is also worn with salwar as a pair but today you can see that it is being paired with many other bottom wears. You can wear kurtis with jeans, leggings, slacks and others. It has become more fashionable and come in various sizes too. It is also one of the best comfortable wear too rather than t-shirts and other tops.

If you want to buy both traditional and modern kurtis and looking for an authentic and traditional fashion house then you do not have to go far, it is in Jaipur and Jaipur’s Jaipurkurti. It is fashion house where you can find awesome designs and patterns of Kurtis and other dress materials such as Sarees, Lehenga and custom dress materials too which are available in various colors.

Eid Mubarak 2013

And in coming time there is a special occasion for you on which you love to buy and this occasion is Eid. On the occasion of Eid, the market is fully illuminated. It is one of the favorite and main occasion of Muslims which is celebrated widely all round the world. On Eid, everyone dresses in new attire and love to shop new clothes and things and give each other gifts. It is celebrated with family and friends and sweet dishes are cooked and served.  It is celebrated after the end of Ramadan Fasting.

Then do not wait and buy dress materials on the occasion of Eid which is coming on 9, August 2013 from JaipurKurti and celebrate this Eid with Jaipurkurti.

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