Types of Salwar Kameez in India

Buy Salwar KameezWhen you wear something what you look in that that it is a wearable dress material?  A dress material whatever type you wear, should be comfortable, stylish and should be in a good color pattern. These three qualities are necessary for any dress material because comfort is fashion.

There are many of types of dress materials are available that you can wear in a variety whether casual or formal or you can say traditional. It depends on your choice that what best suit you.

Salwar Kameez is one of the best comfortable wear for women and girls that they can wear instead of other wears. It looks both traditional and modern when you wear. Many girls and women think that it is a kind of an old and traditional dress material that can only be worn on regular use rather than in party times or on any occasion. But it is not. Salwar Kameez can also be counted in modern wear or you can say semi traditional. When worn it gives comfort and as well as stylish look. There are many designs and colors of it available you can choose whatever according to your taste. Besides that it can also be worn on occasions, festivals and in offices too.  For women and girls it is one of the best wear.

There are different types of it; some of them are as followed:

Yellow Salwar KameezDesigner Salwar KmeezNet Salwar Kameez

Green Salwar KameezBlack Salwar KameezGeorgette Salwar Kameez

Churidaar Salwar Kameez: in this kind of salwar kameez pattern bottoms are close cut and left extra tight near the down foot provided when worn it wrinkles up surrounding the ankle. It is called Churidaar salwar kameez.

Pajama type of suit: – it is similar like churidar but difference is about pajama. It does not have length and does not wrinkle around the ankle too.

Modern-traditional: – in this kind of salwar kameez pattern there is a mix of both Indian and western styles.

Afgani style: – in this kind of salwar kameez pattern the difference is about cut and style of the suit. Salwar are loose having pleated types of looks and also blousy and embroidered around the ankle or leg. Kameez remains short often at the length of mid thigh and above the knee.

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