How to Design A Saree

how to design a sareeSome like to wear clothes or some like it both, design and wear. Designing is very important part in every field of making or manufacturing things. Clothes which you and everyone wear also are designed by professional designers or one can say a dress designer. There are different types of clothes that one wears as Saree, Kurtis, Jeans, T-shirts and other various combinations.

If you are looking for a custom type of design for you saree but not finding anywhere then you can design your own saree with simple few steps:


1.   First of all create and draw designs for saree as you want or research for it if you do not know about it. The most important part in designing a saree is its wrapping style so there should be a close attention to it. Select a color and fabric and also the style of undergarments worn with saree. A saree is a single piece of fabric which is wrapped in different ways so pay special attention to it while designing.

2.   Now buy a raw fabric and color pattern as you want. The minimum length of a sari is 6 yards and for large size, it is 9 yards for experimental designs.

3.   Fabrics which are prone to fraying, sew a hem for them provided seam of the saree gets safe and for stiffer ones no hem is needed.

4.   Pair your saree with a blouse or with any fabric you want and it should be kept it mind that the color combination should be in equal way.

designer sarees picture

There are different ways a designer designs sarees if you want to create same like them then you can search on internet or see and read other sources because it is not easy in designing and also an intricate piece of design.

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