Habits That Ruin Your Looks

Bad HabitsHow healthy you are, your face tells. A beautiful look resides in a healthy body. Everyone wants to have good look but sometimes some your bad habits can ruin your look and as well as your health. So what habits you should get rid of, here are.

Use of beverages: – You love to drink Coca Cola, Pepsi, Coffee and others but these drinks can cause damage to your health and skin. There is about 70% of water in our body that is destroyed by drinking these drinks. Lesser level of water can cause dehydration and that can cause health related problems and also trigger deterioration in appearance. Remember healthy amount of water is good for skin.

Random use of beauty products: – You see in advertisements that a certain type of product can make you beautiful and you go to buy it and apply on your skin. There are many types of beauty products available but it does not mean that you should apply all on your skin. Our skin is sensitive. The random use of beauty products can cause problems on your face like acne, allergies and others that can affect your appearance.

Shaving: – if you are going to shave then do not shave on dry skin. Shaving on dry skin can cause problems that can lead to harmful effects and also can spoil your appearance.

Acne & pimples: – everyone hates acnes and pimples and no one wants them appear on their skin but if they appear then do not touch that area or pop it otherwise it would affect other area of skin too and leaves marks on your skin.

Habits that ruin your looks

These are the not so good habits that can destroy your look so it is better to leave them if you want attractive looks. Get updated about beauty & looks and know what gets cooked on fashion and beauty worlds. We keep you updated about this glamorous world.

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