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Top 10 Fashion Magazines of IndiaFashion, this word is a world in itself and means lot to us and to everyone. Without it perhaps the whole world might seem without colors and we also. Suppose if colors and fashion might have not been in this world then we perhaps would be wearing only black and white clothes and walking on roads. All might seem us black and white whether trees, houses, weathers or sky and many more.

So fashion is important, a very important thing in life, otherwise without it we strive. But there is one important question that how can we get update that what’s going in the world of fashion? Because we cannot go always to many countries for noticing fashion events and shows because we have to stay in one rather than spreading our legs in many.


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As there are lots of sources to get updates about fashion but one calm and serene way by which you can get all about it sitting and basking under Sun is, Fashion Magazines, in which you get all what you want and these do not harm your eyes as digital medias do.

So here is the list of top 10 fashion magazines of India:

femina magazineFemina:- it is fashion magazine popularly for women owned by Worldwide Media. It is about relationship, beauty, cuisine, health and fitness and of course about fashion too. It was first published in July 1959.

Cosmopolitan MagazineCosmopolitan:- As it name suggests ‘Cosmos’ whole. It is an international magazine first published in 1886 as a family magazine and later turned into women’s magazine. Its articles are about women, sex, relationship, health, self-improvement, celebrities’ styles, clothes, trends, beauty and others. It is published by Hearst Magazines.

ELLE MagazineElle:- it is world’s best selling lifestyle magazine focusing on beauty, health and entertainment and fashion also. It was founded by Pierre Lazareff and his wife in 1945. Its title in French means ‘She’.

New Woman MagazineNew Woman:- it is an Indian magazine edited by famous heroine Hema Malini. You can read in this about fashion, entertainment, health, issues and others more. It was started with new aim towards women in India and about their lifestyles and fashion in India. It was launched by Pioneer Book Company and a monthly publishing magazine in English.

Women's Era MagazinesWoman’s era:- as its name define, a magazine about Indian women’s life time and in it her styles, choices of entertainment, cookery, poems and many more. All that relates to a woman, is discussed in it. It was first published in 1973 and now a widely read magazine in English.

Vogue MagazineVogue:- it is the best considered women’s fashion and lifestyle magazine in India. Vogue India has all in it what a woman is looking for, whether it is about new styles, fashion, trends, accessories or celebrities’ photo shoot.

Marie Claire MagazineMarie Claire:- it is first published in France. Marie Claire covers worldwide issues of women. Besides this, it also focuses on beauty and fashion.

Harper’s Bazaar MagazineHarper’s Bazaar:-it is an American fashion magazine. It is a style source for women. It is aimed at upper middle class and upper class peoples. There are photographes, writers, designers, artists and all creative’s people views one can find in this magazine about fashion.

verve magazineVerve:- it is pioneer international fashion magazine for women launched in 1995. It is edited by Anuradha Mahindra. Its main focus on fashion, styles, trends and women and also covers bollywood and travelogue.

Savvy MagazineSavvy:- it is one of India’s leading fashion magazine that not only covers fashion and styles but also issues related to women that can or may awaken them in the hope for their change and new life provided they could know what is running in this world and around them. It is about modern India’s modern women.

So you know how much is covered in fashion magazines for all and how many topics, there are lots. A magazine is simple tool to make you aware about things.

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